SEO Services in London

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a vitally important element of the 21st century business, Why? The reason is simple, more and more people use search engines to find goods and services these days. Google has offiicially overtaken Yellow Pages as the No.1 provider of business contact information.

Clever Devil’s unique approach to SEO means 2 things for you as a business owner. You get results fast, and you get to make more money. Many SEO firms/agencies focus only on the number of visitors to the site, and not profitability. Whats better? 1,000 visitors who buy nothing, or 2 visitors who purchase 2 items? The answer is clear, and we know how to find the right keyword terms that you need to be optimising your website for. Not only do we know the profitable terms, we know how to integrate your SEO plan with your overall marketing strategy. SEO goes hand in hand with both PPC Marketing (Pay Per Click) and copywriting. Again, many other firms and agencies dont understand this relationship, and failure to integrate these components will mean money left on the table for your company.

As far as digital consulting agencies and seo services providers in London, what makes Clever Devil different? Well there are few key difference which will translate into big results for you as a company. For example, many agencies do not know which keyword terms will convert to a sale… be honest, neither do we. However, we insist on testing the market that your in before making the long term investment into your SEO, which is exactly what SEO is – its a long term commitment for your business. It can take anywhere between 3-12 months to get to page 1 of the Google search engine results page.

The SEO Process:

seo services in london

  1. Initial Analysis: We will perform an overview of your market to gauge the level of effort required to gain Page 1 rankings for your particular keywords.
  2. Keyword Research: We make it a point to understand what the market is telling us, in terms of what people want and are actively seeking, then we give it to them. We perform thorough keyword research and competitor research to understand how we can exploit holes in the digital landscape
  3. Competitor Analysis: By understanding the competitions strategy, you can fast track the entire SEO process. We analyze the competitions strategy, learn what works in the market, and then we build on this to outperform your competitors.
  4. Sitemap: Sitemap tell Google how to read your site. We recommend strategies to automatically update your sitemap, so you dont ever have to worry about it
  5. Search Engine Directory Submission: Search engines use directories to tell which websites are associated with which words. We make sure your website gets submitted to the right directories for your market.
  6. Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarks are a measure of popularity. They tell the search engines that your site is both popular and relevant. Search engines, like Google, use these technologies more and more to identify websites that are the most relevant.
  7. Blogs and Press Releases: Blogs and Press Releases are a great source of links back to your site. We will build a network of links back to your site to establish your companys dominance in the search engines.
  8. Article Submissions: Articles sites are read by millions of user every single day. We help you to create quality and relevant articles to submit to the these portals.
  9. Link Popularity: The popularity of your links on the web is also a measure of how relevant your website is in the eyes of search engines like Google.
  10. Reporting: We let you know how well your website is doing with weekly reports. We can tell you how well your PPC, SEO, Video and Social Media campaigns are doing, and you can see as a granular level exaclty which techniques are delivering a return on your investment.

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