Corporate Video

Corporate Video:

“Video is an amazingly effective way to communicate exactly what your company is about. Get an immediate edge over competitors by gaining the trust and admiration of your target audience. We utilise video syndication tools, and combine with powerful SEO techniques to syndicate your video through the Web, whilst boosting your search engine traffic in the process.”

In today’s information economy, the name of the game is to be the “go to” person in your market. Corporate video will help your company to gain a competitive advantage in your marketplace by making your company perceived as being the experts.

In the industrial economy, the goal was to be the biggest and best in the market place. Companies in the industrial economies did whatever they could to be bigger and better than the rest – Big = Good. Today things have changed and the competitive resources have shifted from raw materials to information resources. Information is the key resource in todays economy, and the company spruking the most useful information are perceived as the experts and will instantly become the “go to” company.

At Clever Devil, we combine corporate video with powerful SEO techniques to make sure that your video gets exposure from the right people. We will shoot, edit and distribute your film on the Internet, laser targetting your target audience by keyword, in any market.

Types of videos we produce:

-Corporate Videos
-Motivational Videos
-Educational and Training Videos
-Staff Interviews
-Customer Testimonials
-Expert Interviews
-Full Motion Graphics (Axa Motion Graphics)


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