Traffic Blast

Want a quick blast of traffic to your company website?

The “Traffic Blast” does exactly that. We setup a series of strategically targeted marketing videos, Press Releases and Articles and blast them out to the Internet

You will see an immediate increase in web traffic usually 48 hours and continue for up to 30 days.

Why so quick? Google and other search engines “spider” certain forms of media quicker than others. News events for example need to be spidered quickly otherwise they are not relevant to users. Video is also spidered quickly by the search engines and gives fantastic results.

We have seen some amazing results from these short, sharp traffic blasts in the past.

You can either provide us with a video, or we will create one for you (extra $49). It is relatively easy to create a marketing video using which utilises pictures and text elements to form an attractive marketing video.

Here is what we do:

  1. Study your site and analytics data to determine the best keyword phrase combinations to target
  2. Create 1x Press Release, 1x Marketing Video and 1xArticle
  3. SEO Tag all these elements
  4. Syndicate them to 17 video sharing sites (Youtube included)
  5. 7 x podcast directories
  6. 7 x Blog, Social-bookmarking and Status Update Sites
  7. 27 Article Directories

This creates a virtual web of both back-links which will give your website will get a natural SEO boost, and you will get traffic directly from these sites aswell. – Its like killing 2 birds with one stone.


For a limited time this is only $99

Blast Level

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