Axa Motion Graphics
Axa Motion Graphics is a motion graphics company based in Melbourne Australia. Clever Devil were able to provide a customised website template to reflect Axa Motions' eccentric, professional and creative image. The site features large and high resolution images in the homepage. Subpages reveal a more detailed view of Axa Motion's motion graphics portfolio.
Bay Retreat
Bay Retreat is a niche accommodation provider on the East Coast of Tasmania. Bay Retreat were paying nearly $1.10 for their clicks Clever Devil was quickly able to help Bay Retreat to reduce their average click cost to 0.50c per click, as well as get Page 1 rankings for competitive term within 1 month.
Billericay Chiropractors
Billericay Chiropractors was built to provide leads to a new startup business. The site dominates the search engines for the search term "billericay chiropractors" and related terms.
Bite Consulting
Bite Consulting provide UK based companies and agencies with short term contractors in the IT, HR and Accounting sectors. Clever Devil saw an opportunity to develop Bite's online strategy through the use of social media, email marketing and video syndication.
Chelsea Electricians
Chelsea Electricians is a lead generating website which ranks no.1 in for the search phrase "chelsea electricians". Chelsea is one the most prestigious and expensive suburbs to live in London with many electrical companies vying for top spot in Google.
Conduct HQ
Conduct are one of Australia's finest all around digital marketing agencies with clients such as Intel, Commonwealth Bank, AMP, Allianz and Medi-Trim just to name a few. Clever Devil have helped Conduct HQ to dominate Google local business listings, as-well as provide constant support for their Adwords campaign. Conduct continue to enjoy a constant stream of leads thanks to the work of Clever Devil.
Ealing Hairdressers
Ealing Hairdressers is a site created for the specific purpose of generating leads for a local London hair salon. The site is a pilot for Clever Devil's "Mini-Magnet" product, where the sites sole purpose is to get ranked in within Google in order to provide leads to that business.
Ezikit Kitchens
Ezikit are a revolutionary new company that manufacture and design flat pack kitchens. The company have seen rapid growth over the past few years. Clever Devil were able to quickly help Ezikit to dominate the search engines for the search terms "kitchens tasmania" and "flat pack kitchens tasmania". Traffic to the Ezikit site has skyrocketed with new traffic now responsible for more than 60% of all visitors, with an average increase of 20-30 new visitors per day.
Hammersmith Accountant
Hammersmith Accountant provides leads to West London accounting firms. The site ranks on page No. 1 in and for the search phrase "hammersmith accountant" and outcompetes some very large accounting firms in West London.
Retire Invest Hobart
Retire Invest a full service financial services firm based in Hobart Tasmania and part of the wider Retire Invest Group. Clever Devil helped to migrate their old Microsoft Outlook email lists into an integrated Email management system. To send emails now, a member of staff simply logs into the email interface, select which list of people should receive a broadcast message, writes a single message and hits "send". The messages are send using whitelisted servers in the USA to ensure the highest deliverability. Opens, clicks and bounces are all tracked and reported to the company.
Retire Invest WideBay
Clever Devil manages Retire Invest's Wide Bay SEM campaign. We provide regular tweaks to RI's Google Adwords campaign in order to keep a steady flow of leads coming in to the business.
Tallis Wines
Tallis Wines is one of Australia’s premier wine producers, specializing in the Italian Sangiovese and Viognier varieties. The wine industry is a very competitive industry in Australia, and Tallis faced some unique challenges in selling its wine online. Clever Devil had the privilege of running Tallis’ Digital campaign from the very beginning. We were able to reduce their click costs down from $1 to below 0.40c per click. We also have most of their top 10 terms on the 1st page of Google.
The Magnetic Marketing System
The Magnetic Marketing System is a membership based Internet Marketing training system. Users can take a 7 day test course and then upgrade to full membership. The course sections off content, and provides access only to users at a given level. The site utilised hosted Amazon S3 video services for fast streaming videos.
Trading Gold Online
Trading Gold Online is an information portal and affiliate website. The site ranks in for the search phrase "trading gold online". This is an incredible achievement, as there are over 70+ million competing pages for this search term. To have a sponsored listing appear for this term, a user would have to bid over $20 for a single click. This site competes with the most prestigious financial institutions in the world, like,, GCI Trading,, and many others
Vintage Japanese Guitars
Vintage Japanese Guitars is an online e-Commerce Store specialising in the retail of Japanese replica guitars. VJG achieved page 1 rankings for the top 10 key terms and continues to enjoy dominance in the Search Engines and a continual flow of traffic and enquiries from customers.
White Lily
White Lily are a Tasmanian company producing Wedding Invitations, Engagement, Save the Date and RSVP. Whitelily quickly rose in the search engines for many of the keyword phrases associated with their business, including "wedding invitation cards hobart", "rsvp cards hobart" and many more.
Yoke Shopper
Yoke Shopper is a gadget that helps solve an age of problem of holding shopping bags. The device collects your shopping bags into a central point or hook, and distributes the weight through a shoulder sling for easy travel. The device is as simple as it is genius and is currently stocked in online and offline stores throughout the UK. Clever Devil had the privilege of helping with the online segment of the campaign. Within a few short months, we were able to double the amount of overall traffic to the site.
Zip Conveyancing
ZipConveyancing operates within a very competitive market. Their product is revolutionary, but competitors in this market are still willing to pay high click costs for advertising. The industry average is as high as £2 per click. Clever Devil was able to help Zip to increase their quality score, and strategically target particular key phrases. This has meant Zip has paid less than 70c on average per click and enjoys maximum exposure on the Google network, without the prohibitive cost.